Sunday, February 9, 2020

The growing popularity of paranormal studies and haunted houses in the Research Paper

The growing popularity of paranormal studies and haunted houses in the U.S - Research Paper Example People’s main objective is to catch something to prove that there are ghost. People have become obsessed with the afterlife. Those interested are from a wide variety of people with different types of backgrounds. It doesn’t matter if you are educated, uneducated, young, old, white collared or blue collared to be interested in the paranormal (Sedersten). Amateur paranormal investigators aren’t cautious like serious investigators are in the type of evidence they show people. Amateur’s take pictures with digital cameras and think that any little thing in the pictures is an orb. Serious investigators only want to show people what they know for a fact is real. Amateurs can cause problems, because most don’t truly understand what they are seeing. This is why it is hard to make a skeptic believe that there are real ghost in the world (Sedersten). Paranormal investigators have a range of different devices that they use. Some are very costly in price and some aren’t, but most the items needed you can pick up anywhere. Here is a common list of items needed; LED lights, digital camera, motion detectors, electromagnetic voice phenomenon (EVP), and thermal imaging devices. These items are supposed to help determine if what you have is real or not. The multiple different television shows on paranormal activity has left people wanting to know more about the afterlife (Sedersten). The show Ghost Hunter’s has made paranormal investigating popular with people. The most interesting concept of this show is how they try to disprove whether something is paranormal or not. Jason Hawes actually started this group as the Rhode Island Paranormal Society in 1990 and later changed it to the Atlantic Paranormal Society. In 1992, Grant Wilson joined the group, but he was a friend of Jason’s for many years. Jason and Grant worked for Roto-Rooter plumbers for years. In 2004, they made their debut on the

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